HARDWORKPAYSBILLS is a blog dedicated to my inspirations in training, and in a broader context, to life.


Writers are encouraged to submit guest posts, for more information contact me via the form provided.

Picturology aims to become a scaleable image gallery platform for amateur photographers. It will allow online storage of images with generated galleries for showcasing photographer portfolios.

This project is currently on hold while we actively seek new members for the team. If interested, please contact me using the form provided.

Eventplannr is a simple concept of a site that allows you to arrange all manner of activities with your friends and colleagues. These activities could range from a quick lunch to a birthday party.


In development.

Interested? Get in touch via our Contact page!

I partner with a number of other ventures where I feel I can contribute meaningfully to the outcome.

If you have an idea, but lack the resources, staff or knowledge to carry it through, let me know. Maybe we can work something out!